Do you Need to Replace the Box Spring Every Time you Replace your Mattress?

If you are preparing to buy a new mattress, you might be wondering if you need to replace your box spring too.  The box spring is an important part of the bed and its ability to give you the sleep you need. It acts as a large shock absorber as you move in the night, especially when you turn over.  It needs to be in good condition in order to do its job in support of the mattress. This guide will help you answer this important question.

When to Replace the Box Spring

These factors indicate replacing your box spring along with the mattress is the right decision.

1. The box spring is visibly worn: If visible wear and tear is evident on the box spring – springs visible, the frame cracked – then it should be replaced. You won’t get the value from the new mattress if it is placed on a faulty box spring.  The quality of your sleep may be negatively affected.

2. The box spring is sagging: A good new mattress cannot overcome a sagging box spring.  In fact, a sagging box spring will lead to the mattress deteriorating much more rapidly than it otherwise would.

3. Your new mattress is designed to work in tandem with a specific box spring: Some higher-quality mattresses are sold as part of a complete bed system that goes together to give you the most comfortable, healthiest night’s sleep. If you buy the mattress but not the box spring, it may affect the way the mattress performs.

4. Your new mattress comes with a warranty that requires you to replace the box spring: This is typically the case with mattresses of higher quality.  The manufacturer is not willing to warranty the mattress if it is placed on an old box spring that can reduce its performance or cause it to wear out prematurely.

How to Tell your Box Spring is in Good Condition

If the new mattress you plan to purchase does not require the purchase of a new box spring, evaluate the box spring to determine its condition.  A good box spring will be level over its entire surface, without any sagging or low spot.  The box spring will rebound quickly when weight is lifted off of it, demonstrating that the springs are in good condition. The box spring won’t have an odor to it which may indicate the presence of mold.  It you examine the box spring and it is in good condition, it probably doesn’t need to be replaced.  Check it annually for signs of wear and replace it if you have any concerns about it.

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