Serta Exclusive Signature Collection Paula Deen Home Mattress Review

Paula Deen is all about comfort and that’s what the Serta Exclusive Signature Collection Paula Deen Home mattress is designed to deliver every single night. Serta makes some of the most advanced sleep technologies on the market and a few of them are bundled into this mattress, designed to produce a quality sleep with a definite sense of luxury. This mattress is a perfect fit for the Paula Deen Home bed collection but it works just as well on any foundation and frame because it is made in all standard bed sizes. This Serta Exclusive Signature Collection Paula Deen Home mattress reviews gives you the details so you can compare this model with other mattresses you are considering.  Use our other mattress reviews to find the one that will meet your sleep needs the best.

Construction and Features of the Exclusive Paula Deen Home Mattress

The Paula Dean Signature mattress comes in a standard innerspring model and a foam mattress.  The coil model begins with an innerspring core composed of individually wrapped coils crafted from high-carbon tempered steel.  They’ll hold their shape while isolating motion, giving you a good rest while preventing your movements from disrupting your partner. The edge of the coil system is reinforced with Serta’s foam-encased design with reinforcing rod for better stability throughout the bed.

The foam core of the Paula Deen Home foam mattress and a layer of foam in the comfort top of the coil mattress are infused with soybean oil to reduce CO2 emissions and use less energy during manufacturing. Soy-infused foams also enhance cushioning.  A layer of Serta KookComfort Memory Foam is also included to make it softer as well as less prone to excessive heat buildup.

A third layer of foam is Serta Talalay Latex that offers the cradling comfort so many look for in their mattress. All Paula Deen Home mattresses from Serta are overlaid with a rich silk blend fabric that gives them a soft, elegant look and feel. You can find this mattress in all standard sizes including twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king.

Signature Collection Paula Deen Home Mattress Warranty

This mattress is backed by a 10-year limited warranty which is about average for mattresses of this quality – good, but not top of the line. It should give you 8-12 years of comfortable sleep.

Serta Exclusive Paula Deen Home Mattress Price

This is a solid mattress with average construction and finished with high-end fabric.  It is priced about right for what it is, though there is probably a bit of a premium added to it for the Paula Deen name.  Here’s what you’ll find when you price this mattress:

Paula Deen Home Mattress by Serta: $1,100-$1,350.


If you are looking for a long-term, high-quality mattress or need something to help you sleep despite physical issues like back or hip pain, you may want to consider mattresses a grade or two higher than this one. However, if you are a Paula Deen fan, like a touch of luxury in your home, or want an oft-used guest bedroom mattress with some wow-factor, the Serta Signature Collection Paula Deen Home mattress is worth considering.

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