Hampton and Rhodes Vancouver Mattress Review

The Hampton and Rhodes Vancouver mattress displays the company’s pursuit of affordable luxury.  This mattress is an 11-inch pillow top model that does a good job imitating a mattress that might cost 2-3 times as much.  It has an innerspring core for a support layer with a thick comfort layer of standard bedding foam.  The entire package is completed with quality fabric in a quilted pattern.  The Vancouver shows off just why Hampton and Rhodes does so well in the mattress market.  It appeals to those who want an enhanced sleep experience but don’t want to spend the top dollar usually associated with mattresses with these features.

This Hampton and Rhodes Vancouver mattress review takes a look at all the details, giving you the information to decide if this should be your next mattress.  Take time to compare this mattress with others found in our mattress reviews to help you find the one that makes the most sense for your bedroom.

Construction and Features of the Hampton and Rhodes Vancouver Mattress

The support layer of this mattress is a spring unit encased in foam.  It contains 390 high-strength steel coils in the queen model.  The foam casing isolates motion so that bed partners are not disturbed by each other’s movements.  The coil core is enhanced by 2 separate layers of high-density foam, enhancing comfort and support.

The comfort layer of the Vancouver mattress by Hampton and Rhodes is a pillow top made from ultra-soft quilted foam finished with a quilted tick fabric.  The pillow top does a good job of conforming to your shape as you sleep with a cradle effect.  The total package provides a medium-soft level of overall support. This mattress is offered in these sizes: Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king.  The total height of the mattress is 11”, a fairly compact profile for a pillow top mattress.

Hampton and Rhodes Vancouver Mattress Warranty

This mattress is backed by a 5-year limited warranty.  This demonstrates that while this mattress isn’t cheap, it doesn’t match the quality of most higher-priced innerspring mattresses from top brands.  This can also be seen in the fact it has 50%-60% of the number of coils many of the more expensive coil mattress are made with.

Hampton and Rhodes Vancouver Mattress Price

You will definitely save money with the mattress and get very reasonable quality.  It’s a good value, in other words.  Here is a range of sample prices for the Vancouver by Hampton and Rhodes:

Twin Vancouver mattress set: $350-$450

Twin XL Vancouver mattress set: $600-$700

Full Vancouver mattress set: $600-$700

Queen Vancouver mattress set: $650-$750

King Vancouver mattress: $900-$1,000

California king Vancouver mattress: $900-$1.000


If you are looking for a long-term mattress or one with a truly premium sleep experience, you’ll probably have to choose a more expensive mattress than this one. It might not offer the support needed for heavier consumers or those with back problems. On the other hand, if you want a good-quality mattress with a touch of pillow top luxury, the Hampton and Rhodes Vancouver is an affordable opportunity to enjoy it.

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