Hampton and Rhodes Summit Mattress Review

The Hampton and Rhodes Summit mattress is one of this brand’s best mattresses.  It demonstrates the company’s commitment to keeping prices as affordable as possible while adding comfort and a touch of luxury to every night’s sleep.  That’s always been Hampton and Rhodes niche and it is demonstrated clearly in the Summit.  This is a pillow top mattress that blends a supportive coil base with layers of comfortable, cradling memory foam to produce excellent sleep characteristics.

This Hampton and Rhodes Summit mattress review details those characteristics as well as providing information on pricing and warranty.  Compare this mattress with others featured in our mattress reviews to find the next mattress for your bedroom.

Construction and Features of the Summit Mattress

The core of this mattress is made from a quality layer of high-carbon steel coils.  The queen model features 768 coils, each individually wrapped to isolate motion, eliminating a ripple effect when one person rolls over or adjusts their position. Each coil is able to respond individually to the weight placed on it so that each part of your body remains fully supported throughout your sleep.

The coil layer is encased in foam and then covered by 3 separate layers of support foam.  They include layers of .5” Visco memory foam, 1” Supersoft foam, and 2” comfort foam. The complete package creates a medium-soft comfort level that might be too soft for those who enjoy a firm mattress, but just right for the majority of sleepers.

The support layer is topped with a 1.5 inch pillow top constructed from Ultra Soft quilted foam and high-quality quilted fabric. The comfort grade on the Hampton and Rhodes Summit is Plush. This mattress has a 15” profile and is offered in these sizes: Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king.

Hampton and Rhodes Summit Warranty

Hampton and Rhodes demonstrates their confidence in the quality of this mattress by providing a 10-year limited warranty with it.  That an average warranty for innerspring mattresses – but just as good as the warranty on top of the line models from leading brands.

Hampton and Rhodes Summit Mattress Price

This is one of the brand’s more expensive mattresses but it is still less expensive than comparable models from many manufacturers.  Here are sample prices:

Hampton and Rhodes Summit twin set: $850-$900

Hampton and Rhodes Summit full set: $950-$1,000

Hampton and Rhodes Summit queen set: $1,000-$1,100

Hampton and Rhodes Summit king set: $1,300-$1,400

Hampton and Rhodes Summit California king set: $1,300-$1,400


With a Plush comfort level, this mattress might not be right for those who want firmer support for back pain.  But for those who want reasonable support along with the cradling comfort of a pillow top design, the Hampton and Rhodes Summit mattress is a very good choice.

2 thoughts on “Hampton and Rhodes Summit Mattress Review

  1. This mattress makes me unbearably hot! I have to flip sides throughout the night because the side in contact with the mattress almost burns. I like a soft mattress and this seems like a nice mattress otherwise. Really wish it didn’t soak in my body heat like it does. Hopefully the company can help – I’ve had the mattress for almost 2 years. Hope it’s not too late!

  2. Hi, My name is Susan Marin and i bought a bed for my 12yr old, the boxspring brook and the mattress is a mess. I called the store and they told me that 100 days had passed and they couldn’t do anything about it, I am disable and live on a fixed income, i cant buy him a bed, it will be 4 months on the 8th.I don’t think it

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