What Factors are Important to Consider when Reading Mattress Reviews and Preparing to Purchase a New Mattress?


Before you buy your next mattress, be sure to read quality mattress reviews that will help you understand what each mattress offers.  When you know what to look for, you’ll select a mattress that you will be much happier with in the years ahead.  Since most quality mattresses are designed to last 10-20 years, making an informed decision about the mattress that will work best for you is very important.  This mattress guide outlines what factors are important to consider when reading reviews and preparing to purchase a new mattress.

Factors to Look for in the Mattress you Buy

Not all mattresses are created equal.  Good mattress reviews will tell you what each mattress is made of so that you can find one that is suitable for your sleeping needs and your budget.  Here are the factors to consider when shopping for your next mattress.

Number of Coils: Coils are the heart of any mattress.  The best mattresses have a large number of coils packaged tightly together to give your body more consistent support.  Good queen size mattresses have 500+ coils. Very good mattresses have 600+ coils.  The very best mattresses have 700+ coils.  Fewer coils leads to a lumpy mattress.  More coils leads to even support and wear throughout the years.

Comfort Level: This is where personal preference comes in.  Every mattress has a certain amount of padding and upholstery over the coils.  The comfort level describes how much of this extra padding is used.  The mattresses with the most padding are the softest.  From the softest to the firmest, mattresses are given these classifications: Ultra plush, plush, standard luxury firm, firm.

Height: The height of the mattress usually translates into how plush the mattress is.  Pillow top mattresses are the thickest.  Firm mattresses are the thinnest. The typical range for quality mattresses is 21” for pillow top models down to about 13” for the firmest mattresses.  This is another area where your personal preference is important.  Keep in  mind, too, that if you choose a mattress that is more than 16” thick, you may need to buy special sheets to fit it.

Foam: Today’s best mattresses contain some type of memory foam that offers the most comfortable rest. It quickly conforms to the shape of your body and quickly recovers and re-shapes to fit your body when you move or change positions.  It hast the effect of nestling your body comfortably. Foam may be used in the very core of the mattress or in a topper pad.  The major difference is whether or not the mattress uses foam. If it does, it will be softer and likely more expensive than mattresses that do not use foam.  All of the top manufacturers use foam and all of these foam products rate fairly equally.  There is little difference in the high-density foam that is used in the best, most expensive mattresses on the market. Mid-level mattresses will use less expensive foam that doesn’t recover as quickly when you move.  If you want a more affordable mattress, you’ll need to select one that does not use polyurethane foam in its construction.

Warranty: The length of the warranty is a good indication of the level of confidence the manufacturer has in its product.  The longer the warranty, the more expensive the mattress will likely be, but also the higher the quality it will be.  Common mattress warranty lengths are 10, 12, 15 and 20 years.

Price: While some mattresses are overpriced and some are an exceptional bargain, you typically get what you pay for in a mattress.  Higher-priced mattresses will have more coils, may offer a more plush comfort level and will use high-density foam.

Choosing the Right Mattress

What mattress is right for you?  It depends on your sleeping preferences and your budget.  All of today’s better mattresses will offer a good night’s sleep.  If you want enhanced comfort and durability, choose a mattress with a higher number of coils and high-quality foam.  If you prefer to save money on a good mattress, look for those with fewer coils and standard foam, or no foam at all.  Keep in mind, too, the impact on your bedding that a pillow top mattress can have.  You may need to buy new sheets to accommodate the extra width.  As you read mattress reviews, keep these factors in mind and they will help you locate a mattress you’ll be very comfortable sleeping on in the next 10-15 years.

Hampton and Rhodes Litchfield Plus Mattress Review

The Hampton & Rhodes Litchfield Plus is a quality innerspring coil mattress at a very competitive price. This mattress includes a 2” foam top for added comfort to go with a sturdy and durable innerspring base. The total profile is 12.5”.

This Hampton and Rhodes Litchfield Plus mattress review gives you details you can use to evaluate this product for yourself. Browse our other innerspring mattress reviews and compare this mattress to similar models from Simmons, Serta, Sealy and other leading brands.

Construction and Features of the H&R Litchfield Plus Mattress

This plush mattress has an innerspring support layer crafted from 460 VertiCoil springs. They limit motion and reduce roll in the mattress. Movement is isolated so that one sleeper shifting position won’t disturb another sleeper. The additional support layers are 1” Super Soft foam, 0.5” Visco Lumbar foam in the horizontal middle third of the mattress and edge to edge 2” support foam covering all of that. The edges of the entire core are wrapped by foam to provide consistent firmness right to the edge of the mattress.

The comfort layer on this mattress is another 2” foam layer, this one crafted from Soft Quilt foam that conforms comfortably to your body and provides even weight distribution. It relieves the kind of stress and pressure that causes pain, numbness and headaches.

The firmness level of this mattress is Plush. That’s about midway between firm and soft. This is a popular Hampton and Rhodes mattress that appeals to those with a wide range of sleep preferences.

Hampton and Rhodes Litchfield Plus Mattress Warranty

This mattress is backed by a 10-year limited warranty that is just as good as the warranties from top brands in the industry.

Hampton and Rhodes Litchfield Plus Mattress Price

Prices vary among retailers, but you can find this mattress set at very affordable prices. Here are current Hampton and Rhodes Litchfield Plus mattress prices.

Twin Hampton and Rhodes Litchfield Plus mattress price: $600-$700

Twin XL Hampton and Rhodes Litchfield Plus mattress price: $750-$1,000

Full Hampton and Rhodes Litchfield Plus mattress price: $700-$900

Queen Hampton and Rhodes Litchfield Plus mattress price: $800-$1,100

King Hampton and Rhodes Litchfield Plus mattress price: $1,100-$1,500

Cal King Hampton and Rhodes Litchfield Plus mattress price: $1,100-$1,500


If you are looking for a good-quality innerspring mattress set you can get for a very good price, the Hampton and Rhodes Litchfield Plus should be considered. It’s an excellent value that combines good support, extra comfort features and a price that is significantly less than other models in its class.

Sleep Number Classic Series c3 Mattress Review

The Sleep Number Classic Series c3 mattress is affordable and very comfortable. It offers dual adjustments for couples using a remote controller. A top comfort layer adds a bit of extra luxury no matter how firm you like to keep the core of this adjustable air mattress. This is a 9-inch mattress with a more traditional look and feel, with the comfort of Dual Air technology.

This Sleep Number Classic Series c3 mattress review will help you evaluate this mattress for your own use. See all our mattress reviews for comparable models from today’s leading brands of air mattresses including other Sleep Number models.

Construction and Features of the Sleep Number Classic Series c3 Mattress

The core of this mattress is the Dual Air adjustable air chambers. Use the Sleep Number firmness control system to produce the perfect sleeping conditions for one or two sleepers.

The Classic Series c3 includes a comfort layer on top of the air chambers for additional cushioning. The layer is fairly thin and produces a firmer feel. For added comfort, consider a Classic Series c4 or upgrade to a Performance Series bed.

Sleep Number includes a modular base with this model in order to give it a firm and level surface. You can upgrade to a FlexFit adjustable base that allows you to choose multiple positions for sleeping and relaxing. A wireless remote is included with the FlexFit base. The top of the line is the FlexFit Plus adjustable base with wireless remote. It offers the advantage of reducing the required room needed to make the adjustments so the bed can be placed closer to a wall.

Sleep Number Classic Series c3 Mattress Warranty

Sleep Number provides a 20-year limited warranty with this bed. The warranty coverage is about average for good-quality air mattresses and is better than you’ll get with most innerspring mattresses.

Sleep Number Classic Series c3 Mattress Price

This is a fairly affordable air mattress. The modular base is included in the set. The FlexFit adjustable base is a $1,600 upgrade and FlexFit Plus is an extra $2,000.

Here are Sleep Number Classic Series c3 mattress prices for all sizes of this bed.

Twin Sleep Number Classic Series c3 mattress price: $1,000

Twin Long Sleep Number Classic Series c3 mattress price: $1,200

Full Sleep Number Classic Series c3 mattress price: $1,250

Double Sleep Number Classic Series c3 mattress price: $1,350

Queen Sleep Number Classic Series c3 mattress price: $1,400

King Sleep Number Classic Series c3 mattress price: $1,600

California King Sleep Number Classic Series c3 mattress price: $1,600

Split King Sleep Number Classic Series c3 mattress price: $2,000


If you want a quality air mattress but aren’t ready to pay top-of-the-line prices, this mattress is worth a look. It offers a comfortable sleep that can be adjusted if you want to upgrade the base. For a good price on a basic air mattress that should give you 12-15 years of comfortable sleeping, the Sleep Number Classic Series c3 mattress should meet your expectations.

Comfortaire Original Comfort Series oc500 Mattress Review

The Comfortaire oc500 uses a combination of a stable core and plush surface comfort to produce sleep conditions that conform to your needs and preferences. Called the Comfortaire Dynamic Support System, it gently controls your sleep posture with pressure-free support. This reduces pain in joints and along your spine and produces a more restful sleep.

This Comfortaire oc500 mattress reviews gives you the details you need to decide if this mattress is worth a closer look. We include mattress prices below. See all our mattress reviews for comparable models from Sleep Number and other top brands.

Construction and Features of the Comfortaire oc500 Mattress

The core foam of this mattress provides you with static support over your entire body. It produces a consistent sleeping surface without sag or roll. It quiets movement so that one sleeper never disturbs another by turning or moving.

The next layer is a thinner foam pad with air chambers that support your bodyweight evenly and allow you to reposition yourself comfortably. This is where the gentle posture control is found that reduces stress on your joints, spine and throughout the skeletal system.

The top layer is a plush comfort layer that adds rich luxury to the durable support below. The result is that you will sleep more comfortably in all your favorite positions, reducing stress, pain, numbness and fatigue.

This mattress is offered in these sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, California King and Eastern King.

Comfortaire Original Comfort oc500 Mattress Warranty

Comfortaire backs this mattress with a 20-year limited warranty that is prorated after the first 2 years. It’s a decent warranty, but there are better foam mattress warranties available. See our Serta Perfect Day and Serta iComfort, Comforpedic Sparkling Stars, and the Beautyrest Black mattress reviews for 2 examples.

 Comfortaire Original Comfort oc500 Mattress Price

This is a competitively-priced quality foam mattress. Here are current Comfortaire Original Comfort oc500 mattress prices.

Twin Comfortaire oc500 mattress price: $1,449

Twin XL Comfortaire oc500 mattress price: $1,599

Full Comfortaire oc500 mattress price: $1,899

Queen Comfortaire oc500 mattress price: $2,199

California King Comfortaire oc500 mattress price: $2,499

Eastern King Comfortaire oc500 mattress price: $2,499


Comfortaire enjoys impressive reviews from those who sleep on this mattress. In terms of price, this one is about the middle of the road for Comfortaire and all quality foam mattresses. The Comfortaire oc500 mattress should give you 15-20 years of comfortable sleeping that turns out to be pretty cost-effective over its lifespan.